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Spotting during pregnacy
sammy81 posted:
Hi I am currently 11-12 weeks pregnent I had a half dollar size of dark red blood come out yesterday but then it went to a brown color right away & now has almost diminished.(I did however climax yesterday morning no penetration not sure if makes a diffrence). About 5 weeks ago I bled a small amount ( about the same amount)& after ultrasound Dr said I had a small amount of blood on or around the placenta but heartbeat was strong & everything else looked good she didn't think it was anything that would cause a m/c but to have vaginal rest for a week & it should dissolve on its on. They also said I may see some brown discharge as result of the blood on placenta but this was more red than brown but not what I would consider "bright red". Is this common or should I be worried . I called Dr & they just said if the blood didn't stop to come .
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Spotting during early pregnancy is common and usually no cause for concern. It's only a problem if it's heavy and/or accompanied by severe cramping.

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