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Miscarriage? When will I pass the tissue?
txmoilga posted:
My first three pregnancies were miscarriages before 10 weeks. I was diagnosed with the 2 chromosomal variant of MTHFR. I have been taking 4mg of folic acid as recommending by the physician. My fourth pregnancy was a full term healthy baby. My fifth was a preterm 32 weeks due to 100% placental abruption. (she is well and fine). Now I am pregnant for the sixth time. I am fairly familiar with miscarriage (at least withing my own body). I am 12 weeks and 1 day. On the 23rd I started spotting brown discharge very light, then pink, now bright and dark red. Everything is spotting to very light bleeding. My physician said their office is closed until the 3rd of January, and not go to the ER unless things get much worse. So, I'm left with waiting. I am pretty sure I am undergoing another miscarriage. But, it has been seven days and I haven't passed any tissue yet? With my other three from the time when I started bleeding and then passed tissue was anywhere from 1-3 days. I am taking progesterone and a 81mg ASA from the beginning of this pregnancy per the doctors orders. So, why hasn't the bleeding become heavier by now? Why haven't I passed the tissue by now? Should I wait till the 3rd and see the doctor or go on to the ER? How long do I have to pass the tissue before it gets dangerous? Even when I passed the tissue with the others I didn't bleed this long. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance. I know this is tough for everyone. It certainly doesn't help when I call my physician for help and I feel like I'm bothering someone's Christmas break with my miscarriage. Maybe it's a threatened miscarriage now and I haven't officially miscarried yet? I don't know? My head is too full of questions and I'm so tired of loosing babies.

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