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Possible Pregnancy and Birth Control PLEASE HELP!
Surace2437 posted:
If i stopped taking my birth control Lo Loestrin over 1 1/2 mnth ago,could i be pregnant even if my husband pulls out? I'm asking because I had my Copper IUD removed in the end of Nov. of 2012 I had it for 8 years, after it was removed I started on Lo LoEstrin birthcontrol in November & stopped taking them by December. I had a 3 day period in November,but December 5, 2012 i had maybe a 3 hour LIGHT period and it stopped.I have yet to have a period for January 2013.I'm very nervous.I've taken pregnancy test from the store, but they came out negative.If i'm worried it's because it took the Doctors to draw blood to verify i was 4mnths pregnant with my 2nd son. I've taken several Pregancy tests recently and they have returned negative. I am scheduled to go into the Doctors next Tues. i know my body, and it's not feeling the same.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It's common to be irregular after going off birth control. While on the pill, the hormones in the pill controlled when you had your period, not your body. When you go off birth control, it can take a few months (in rare cases up to a year) to become regular again and until then, you will be irregular.

Know that withdrawal is not a reliable method of birth control and often isn't even considered birth control.

To answer your question, yes, it's possible to be pregnant.

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