Implantation Bleeding
babymaker1221 posted:
So I currently believe I'm pregnant. Not positive yet because I have very few signs, tiredness, back pain, slight nausea, and implantation bleeding The thing about my bleedingt is its heavy. It started three days ago and I know it's not my period because its a week early. I am a bery regular girl and was even on birth control up until about 2 weeks ago. I had unprotected sex while ovulating, aprx. one week ago. At first when I saw the blood I thought I must have dieing. But then I remembered that I was trying to conceive with my husband and thought it must be implantation bleeding. I did research and noticed that everyone online was saying its suppose to be like spotting but mine is more like an irregular period flow. It's slightly less heavy than my regular period but its brown/maroon and has a lot of clots in it. So now I'm doubting myself if I really am pregnant. Am I the only one who is going through this? Is this normal?
An_241258 responded:
It's really hard to say whether this is your period or implantation bleeding.

Dont forget, when you stop the pill your body has to adjust, so its not unusual to get irregularity for several months after stopping the pill. It may be just that.

The only way to really know is to wait a week or 2 and try a pregnancy test.