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An_249530 posted:
Hi, Im almost 19 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, my first is 22 months old and he is amazing, i love him with all my heart. The thing is, is me and his father have had one long bumpy road. When i was pregnant the first time i confess i was hormonal alot and started alot of stupid arguments all the time, before my son we never fought and we were best friends. Then things all changed. Recently things are good, but since i am pregnant again my hormons have changed a bit, but i am nowhere near as bad as i was with my son. I know my boyfriend loves me and would do anything for me but sometimes he is just so mean.....whenever i cry he just makes fun of me calls me a baby and mimics my "crying noises" or he just gets mad and will leave, He tells me that Hormons and Pregnancy is just an excuse that females use to "go all out". I know what everyone may be thinking and i know he sounds like an a**.And it leaves me feeling really alone most the time. Anyways whats bugging me is that this is my last baby...EVER im going to be getting my tubes tied after this baby which is fine with me because i dont want anymore children, But what i feel like i totally missed out on is the "pregnancy" experience and idk but it just really bugs me. I never knew/will know what its like to have your husband/boyfriend just go buy you something because you crave it. Or be understanding when you are in pain or having a hard time and just comfort you and let you know it will be ok. You know do things he normally wouldnt because it might make my day a little easier, Just things that most women experience during pregnancy i guess. Because of the thought of these things and how much it bothers me it has made me question my decision about getting "fixed". But then again i dont want to bring another child into this world just because i wanted the "pregnancy experience". Ugh i dont know what to do has anyone else went threw this?
lettemommyof2 responded:
  • ** and is there anything i can do to make my boyfriend understand that changing hormons do affect pregnant women and they dont just "fake" it. I was thinking about having the Dr. explain this to him,,, any thoughts?

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