Tipped Uterus
BeaBea2244 posted:
I just had my first ultrasound. I am between 9 and 10 weeks. The sonographer said that my uterus is tipped. I asked if that would cause complications and she said just discomfort when the doctor does pelvic examinations. Have any of you dealt with a tilted uterus during pregnancy? My sister has one and said that when the baby started growing, it made it difficult to urinate because her uterus was pressing on her urethra. What have your experiences been with a tilted uterus?
jhetsmom responded:
I was told the same thing. I am now 32 weeks and the only thing it has caused is severe discomfort whenI get my cervix checked. The only thing I ever knew about a tipped uterus before my pregnancy was that it can make getting pregnant difficult. have had other complications but none are related to the tipped uterus.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I have a tipped uterus and it didn't cause any problems during either of my pregnancies. My mom also has a tipped uterus and it didn't caus her any problems during any of her three pregnancies.