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Labor and delivery for a recovering addict
littlekim91607 posted:
Hello, my name is Kim and I am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child. I know there is still a lot of time before I need to start thinking about delivery, but I am wondering how things work for someone who gives birth and is also a recovering addict, I.e. what is given for the pain. My daughter is 6 and I was given norco after giving birth to her but that was before I had something happen to me which required me to take prescription pain pills (norco and Percocet) for a pretty long period of time which did result in me becoming addicted. My OB is aware that I am in recovery and because I am so early in my pregnancy, pain relief for after giving birth is not something that we have discusses. I guess my question is will my past addiction causes me to not be able to receive the same kind of pain relief that I got with my daughter? I did tell the prenatal nurse that I was in the er a few months ago for a kidney infection and they gave me norco for the pain which I stopped after 3 days (pain became tolerable) Is a very short term use like this, I.e. the few days your in the hospital after giving birth something that happens with recovering addicts like myself? I just remember how much pain I was in after giving birth to my daughter and can't imagine going through it without pain relief. I am also allergic to codeine. Like I said I know it's still a long ways away but I'm curious to know how this is going to work for me this time around. Thank you!
ashleyjane2206 responded:
I believe that it is something that can be done... I.e. Instead of giving Norco/Percocet they can give you something less addictive and non narcotic. Or you should check into other options in Pain Medication... Anything can be done!!

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