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Likely pregnant?
cs181703 posted:
Hello all,

My girlfriend is on her 3rd cycle of Lutera and is a Sunday starter. She takes her pills everyday (sometimes a few hours later than normal, but never misses a pill for an entire day) and is not taking any medications with known side effects.

We always use Trojan Enz condoms with spermicide and 99% of the time I also pull out before orgasming even though I have a condom on. After sex, I also fill the condom with water to check for any holes or leaks.

She thinks I'm a little over paranoid, but I just can't help it.

Has anyone else experienced this level of anxiety with sex even after taking all of these precautions?

What is the likelihood she could get pregnant?

Thanks for everyone's time and responses.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Definitely over paranoid. The pill is a highly effective form of birth control when properly taken. Couple that with condom use and pulling out before ejaculation, I'd say pregnancy is as pretty close to zero as you can get barring abstinence.
saracee responded:
Hi cs181703, I would recommend your girlfriend seeing the doctor or you asking a real doctor to help your anxiety over this issue. You can ask real doctors here for free:
In my opinion, she's most likely not pregnant. Take care! Sara

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