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    Here's a doozy...
    Pullout_baby42 posted:
    So my 17 year old girlfriend and I recently found out we were pregnant. Skip the congratulations everyone...there's an issue. She already has 3 girls and really doesn't want another child unless its a boy. The problem is that we cannot find out the gender of the baby until after when we can legally terminate the pregnancy. Does anyone know any way we can determine the gender of the baby earlier or any loopholes we can use if it is another girl? At home remedies for this problem are also welcome because we are open to any solution to this problem. She does drink an awful lot but that hasn't done anything yet. Please help anyone! Be our saving grace!
    lettemommyof2 responded:
    So just to make sure im understanding right, If this baby shall be a girl kill it? If a boy keep it? Wow both of you have MAJOR issues and maybe should look into some counseling, seriosusly. You should keep the baby based on financial situations etc... Which im guessing isnt all that great 3 kids and 17 wow. Im not judging you well at least trying not to but this all seems so wrong. When i was 16 i terminated a pregnancy because i was not emotionaly, financially ready for a baby. I know some may disagree with this choice but im the one who\made it and i have to live with it. Anyways I understand there is reasons for the things people do and the choices they make. But Seriously to determine pregnancy termination due to gender is unbelievable, unimaginable, far from responsable nor respectable. I hope you both think this over.
    Pullout_baby42 replied to lettemommyof2's response:
    It's quite interesting that you didn't mean to judge but seemed to offer nothing worthwhile of advice whilst insulting my cousin and I. I am merely asking if there is a way to influence the gender of the child by maybe using vitamins, hormone therapy, or I'd even be ok with Wiccan rituals but I am not ok with a baby killer insulting me and telling me that MY baby can only get aborted if it fits into your ridiculously high standard of slaughter. If you any worthwhile information I'd be happy to hear it but I will not be judged!
    2muchluv4u2nite responded:
    It is obviously too early to tell via an ultrasound, but there are other means. This may be a little unconventional, but I've had luck with video borescopes. This is just one example, your local home improvement store should have several to choose from.

    Whatever you do, make sure you purchase one with a light attachment for the end, otherwise you won't be able to see anything. As for the hateful reply, just ignore it, that lady is obviously bitter and enjoys insulting people asking honest questions. Much luck to you and your rapidly growing family.

    (As a side note, look into soylent green, it may be able to help you with your financial difficulties.)
    Allaya9 responded:
    As far as telling what the gender is, the only sure way is by Amniocentisis(sp?) which I'm not sure a doctor would do this early as there is a risk to mother and child. There is no way to influence gender, once the sperm meets the egg the gender is determined as the sperm gives the X(girl) or Y(boy). Drinking heavily while not influence the gender or miscarriage it could harm her health so I do suggest quitting or at least slowing down on it. Good luck with your decision whatever it may be.
    gardensparrow responded:
    You and your girlfriend might want to get some advice and help from a crisis pregnancy center. I'm sure they could help you figure out what your options are here. And, you can usually find one through the yellow pages, or I know an organization called OptionLine can direct you to one in youare area (1/800-712-HELP). Just FYI-hope it helps!

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