15 weeks pregnant, question
blanchkat posted:
I went for my check up at 14w6d and the doctor was sorta of in a rushed mood. So I didn't understand much about my appt. He checked the heartrate with Doppler said it was in the 130s last visit a month before it was in the 160s, is that normal? Also the thing that has been puzzling me the most is he measured my belly button to the bottom of my stomach. I am guessing it may have been my fundal height. But it only measured 12cm... im a first time mom. I am really worried my baby stopped growing. Shouldn't the height have been more that that?
tlkittycat1968 responded:
A change in heartbeat is normal as long as it isn't abnormally low.

The fundal height means nothing and many doctors don't even measure it. Women carry differently so some have larger or smaller fundal heights.