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An_251139 posted:
ok so I got pregnant jan 30th I had an ultrasound bcuz i was having side pain to make sure it wasn't an eptopic anyways its wasn't and I was 5 1/2 weeks then on march firt I started spotting I went to the er and im hgc levels went from 1700 to 980 they said I was miscarring and will probly take a few days the next day i woke up in severe pain and bleeding..i bled for a week then was fine..i have not had sex since then bcuz my boyfriend left for bootcamp a few days after i miscarried but 2 weeks after i miscarried i started having severe side pain again but on the other side i went to the er a few days later when they did the blood test the dr said my hgc levels r still saying im alittle pregnant which was sometimes normal..and that it was probably a cyst burst on my ovary..iv had cyst burst b4 and it only last a day or 2 but not over a week..and lately iv been more tired and my boobs are sore but they weren't 25 and have 3 children already my youngest is only 9months old and they were all c sections..any advise?

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