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Breastfeeding while pregnant???
kimmommyof2 posted:
I recently got a new app on my ipod called pregnancy companion, for the most part I LOVE this app ... however while searching through the information in it ... I came along an ask the docs section that stated breastfeeding while pregnant can cause a miscarriage or pre term birth!!!... ok so I had not heard this before. I understand that nursing produces nipple stimulation & does trigger your body 's production of the hormone oxytocin, & the fear being this could cause contractions... But doesn't your uterus have these similar contractions during sex or even Braxton hicks ??? & what about all the tandum nursing and books about it... nothing that I have seen mentions this to be a problem in a "normal pregnancy". I understand that there are pregnancies with prior pre term birth or miscarriages in the mother's past where this would be suggested to stop nursing ( as well as to stop intercourse)... and I also understand that nothing can be said for certain. I am currently in my 7th week of pregnancy and I am nursing my 19 month old... I do plan on weaning prior to the new baby, & I have heard that the toddler often ends up weaning themselves because of the change of taste or supply being part of the reasons.. I would much prefer to wean with her taking the lead... BUT if it is dangerous I should probably reconsider. My daughter is not under a year and has already been introduced to cows milk in her cup... It is more of an emotional attachment vs nutritional... What I have found online is a bit crazy... so again I am coming back to the ones I trust... That's YOU moms please give me any advice opinions or facts that you are aware of. ... I have called my family practitioner for his opinion he has been very supportive of bf & I value his opinion. So I am eager to hear what he has to say.

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