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Conception date?
Skeeter7474 posted:
Ok, here goes. I'm pregnant, found out today! Yeah! Now, my last period was March 4th...start date. I skipped the entire month of February, so I'm unsure if I actually conceived in February or January. I know that doctors go back two weeks before the first date of your last period. For me that would be Feb 18th. But again, I skipped the entire month of February. Anyone know how to calculate this accurately?!?! any help would be greatly appreciated. I am EXTREMELY I am 38, have been trying to conceive since I was 27 with not much luck. One miscarriage back in 2007 (I was 2 months).
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Since you had a period in March, you did not conceive in January or February. If your period in March was a normal one for you, it would be safe to calculate your conception and due date form your March period.
Skeeter7474 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank you for your reply. It's difficult to get the conception date down until I get an ultrasound. I can tell you this much, my breasts have been steadily hurting the last 2 1/2 months and I had to buy a few more bras that were one cup up from where I'm used to. My whole family seems to think I did conceive earlier than we I've been moody, my breasts have been tender and swollen, etc. It's just insane. Because of my age, I still believe I'm in perimenopause. I also believed that's the reason why I was having all the symptoms. But is what it is. I will say this, I found out with my first child that I had 2 periods before I ever found out I was pregnant. Later, after the ultrasound, I discovered that I was pregnant WHILE having those two periods! :O IT's funny that way...

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