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Flat Pubic Bone and delivery
TechieMom posted:
I've been told that I have a flat pubic bone by several gynecologists over the years who all indicated that delivering a baby vaginally may be difficult or impossible.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant. My current OB has verified that the pubic bone is flat and will force the baby back toward my rectum during delivery, increasing the odds of a 3rd or 4th degree tear or other complications. She said if the baby has a small head and is positioned right, it may be fine, but at the same time my belly is large and I have gained a fair bit of weight (42 lbs. though I started underweight), so they think I will have a large baby.

She suggested trying a vaginal birth and "seeing how it goes", then switching to a c-section if need be.

My question is, at what point during the delivery would they be able to tell if I would be majorly damaged by vaginal delivery? Or would they not know until I was tearing? Would it turn into an emergency c-section at some point? If so, at what point?

I've read that certain positions (all fours/squat) can help with delivery in this situation, but I have every intention of getting an epidural, so I'm not sure that's an option. I've also read that having a narrow pelvis/flat pubic bone can cause your tail bone to break or dislocate during delivery, which I'd prefer to avoid with a c-section, but there's no statistical information to be found....

I have no opposition to a c-section beyond concern over longer healing time, but would much prefer to go that route if it meant avoiding a 3rd or 4th degree tear or other major damage.

Would appreciate any input from you if you've been through this situation or know something about it!

Trying to decide if I should just elect for a c-section off the bat or if my odds of delivering happily vaginally are actually good...

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