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Embarrassing question....please help
littlekim91607 posted:
I am 11 weeks pregnant with my second child and have been dealing with constipation really bad this time (first pregnancy was a breeze, having every symptom this time). It's been like this for the last month+ and I am only able to have a bowel movement every 3-5 days. I have increased my fiber, whole grains, drink plenty of water, exercise daily, taken stool softeners, eat prunes (Yuck but they were helping) ect. So sorry for the tmi but I just spent the last 45 mins trying to go and the stool is to large and too hard for me to pass, it hurts so bad there is no way. I feel so sick and miserable, how can I do this? Not pregnant you could probably use an enema but I don't know what to do or take being pregnant. Again sorry for the tmi but please help I am miserable and hurting, thank you so much. I also am taking a prenatal vitamin with less iron In it which I was told would help but hasn't. Can't go another day like this!
littlekim91607 responded:
Nevermind, just spoke to the on call doctor who told me to use an enema or a suppository so if anyone else has this problem there's se info for you as well lol
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Prune juice will work too. I was on pain meds after my second pregnancy and they are notorious for causing constipation. I sat for 1 hr and nothing would come out. I drank a 4 oz can of prune juice and and hour and a half to two hours later, relief.

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