An_251562 posted:
Hi, I have very low HCG count and slow to rise. My numbers were 74, two days later were 109, then one week later 134. My dr is giving me the option of waiting it out and seeing if they go up more or give up and have a vaccum aspiration done. Im going to wait but I was wondering if anyone else had issues like this that ended in a viable pregnancy?
kristin_lynn responded:
Oh and I have been spotting, not bad just enough to show when I wipe the whole 2 weeks. I appreciate any feedback. thank you!
An_240973 responded:
I had similar symptoms a year ago when I found out I was pregnant. The pregnancy turned out to be ectopic/tubal. Have you had an ultrasound done? Do you know if the embryo implanted in your uterus?

I hope things work out for you.