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Human Response to Pain
Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
When you think about it, we humans make noise in response to pain…the last time you were hanging pictures in your living room, and accidentally hit your thumb with the hammer, did you respond with a breathy "he-he-hoo-hoo?" I don't think so. You uttered a few choice words, and made a loud "aghhhhh!" sound. Which is exactly why McMoyler Method recommends moaning in response to labor pain; patterning what we do in response to other kinds of pain in our lives.

Does moaning take the pain away? No. It does, however, give the brain something to do in response to the pain. Left with no clue how to respond, women will often end up screaming, which can trigger the Fear/Tension/Pain response: she becomes fearful of the pain, which increases the tension in her body which increases the perception of her pain. Allowed to continue on this cycle, she is likely to whirl into something that looks like panic. Panic looks and feels like out of control-which is often an expectant woman's biggest concern.

Think MOANING when it comes to coping with contractions!

Sarah McMoyler RN

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