i feel pregnant but i get negative results
An_251768 posted:
hey all,
i seem to be really confused. i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on January 9th 2013. i was really scared as i though i got 'what i though was my period' 10 days later that only lasted for about 3 day. i though there was no chance of me being pregnant so i got on with life.

after a while i was having a lot of changes and when i looked up the symptoms for a pregnant women i felt like it was describing exactly what i was going though. i took a first home urine test on Feb 4th and though if i was it would be positive. but it was negative! i then went to the doctors and got a urine test sent off but that came back negative too.

now if i was to be pregnant i would be around 16 weeks. i still have pregnancy symptoms but dont know what to think. my bobs have been killing me the last few days like a lot. i took another home test and it still came out negative. my tummy it starting to feel a little podgy and i keep having pains feeling like im going to get my period but it doesnt come.

is there any chance i could actually be pregnant and still getting negative results because i just dont know what to do any more.
the though of being almost half way though your pregnancy and still not knowing scares me.

would appreciate any kind of advice, thank you
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Have you been having your period?

While it is possible to be pregnant and have negative results, it's not common.
hajjsheny replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
no i haven't had a normal period since December. is there anything you recommend i should do?

And so would it be really unlikely no get negative results whilst pregnant?
HeatherD_88 replied to hajjsheny's response:
I had the same problem. I didn't find out I was pregnant til I was 3 months. I took a test every month for 3 months and they all came back negative til that last month. I was questioned the doctor on my initial OB appt and she said that some times the body doesnt produce enough HCT hormones and the test cant detect the pregnancy. So it's possible to be pregnant and not know it. I would continue to periodically check and start taking care of yourself just in case.