Blood type change?
An_241760 posted:
I gave blood a few years ago and my blood came back as A+. I went to my first prenatal appointment and they ran some blood tests. Apparently my blood came back as A-. Is it possible for my blood type to change? The doctor said I would have to get a shot with my next pregnancy to prevent me from miscarrying or whatever that shot is for. But I don't want to get the shot if I'm really A+.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
No, your blood type does not change. I'd ask for another blood test to confirm your blood type.
MommaNikki88 responded:
This is actually possible in certain people. My mom has A /A- blood type, she discovered this one time because she had the same problem as you describe here. One time her blood type came back A and the next it came back A-. You should ask to have your blood tested again and this time have the lab look at both factors in your blood. Everyone has two blood factors but most peoples are the same type, every once in a while somebodies blood type doesn't follow the rules though. Best of luck to you!