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NEEDED: Energy & Happiness
ma9410 posted:
I am about 4 weeks along. This is my second pregnancy. I have absolutely no energy, and I am always in a bad mood. I struggle to stay awake at work. Usually, I am a very happy, bubbly person, but right now I am just pissed off all the time, to put in bluntly. I am a secretary for a religious organization, and I am finding it very difficult to even pretend to be my regular, happy-go-lucky self. Since I just found out myself that I'm pregnant and not far along, I haven't told my co-workers that I'm pregnant yet. I was hoping to wait, but maybe I should tell them so they kind of understand why I'm so unintentionally crabby. I recall being tired with my first pregnancy, not this much though (probably has something to due with the fact that I chase a 16-month old around all day at home and at work-he comes to work with me). I don't know what to do.
ma9410 responded:
I should add that there is a lot of stress right now because this was an unplanned baby. We are VERY excited though, but my dad has brought down my spirits some because he when I told him yesterday about the baby he was upset about it. However, I was feeling very crabby before I ever even told him about the baby. I am trying to stay calm and not stress out too much because the last thing I want is to have a miscarriage.

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