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Nerve damage after cesarean.
steelersmomma2 posted:
I had my last child (number 3) 8 months ago. The doctor was extremely rough during the procedure and I had extensive bruising throughout my entire abdominal and vaginal region (this was my original doctor's partner who did the procedure). I also developed inflammation a week or two later due to the dissolvable staples that were placed in me because my body rejected them. Leaving me with an open wound a lot longer than they were suppose to be. That was until my doctor pulled 3 of them out so my body could fully heal.
Fast forward 8 months now I'm still dealing with horrible pains from the bottom of my belly button down to my incision. I have the numbing sensation but pain anytime clothes or if you lightly touch my stomach. Even pushing on my stomach causes pain. The sensation is throughout my entire lower abdominal region and it feels almost like a knife is slightly cutting my skin if you rub your finger across it.
I've done some research and seen it could be ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric, and/or genitofemoral nerve damage. Does it sound like this type of damage to you? Has anyone else experienced this? What type of doctor should I see in this situation? I refuse to go back to my old obgyn and her partner due to my horrendous experience.
steelersmomma2 responded:
Also I forgot to make note that during intercourse or just being aroused I get a sharp pain in my groin that comes and goes.
I've attempted slowly starting to work my abdominal muscles but I can't do a single thing (even an extremely light workout with a personal fitness trainer) without feeling like my incision is ripping open which I've never experienced in my prior two cesareans. While you have to start out slow I could always to do a light workout in my abdominal region.
lettemommyof2 responded:
After i had my son i had this same thing happen to me. It hurt so bad i think it was the worst part. But anywho after about 8 months-1 year it went away. I asked my mom about it because she has had three C-Sections. She told me that the same thing happend all three times and told me its the nerve endings connecting back together. I never asked my Dr. about it but it made sence and it went away.

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