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nichi1994 posted:
ok this may be a little tmi but idk wheather this is normal. i am 6 months pregnant and ever since pregnancy ive had horrible vaginal pain after sex.....and this past month ive had horrible itching and pain and tenderness around my clitorous. i have given up on sex all together because the pain is unbearable. and between one to three times a week when i wipe i notice i have a slight bleeding around my clitorous. and my dr. said its not yeast or a uti or a std. she said all my test come back normal??? what may be the cause then??
Anon_166768 responded:
I don't think I can help you except don't worry about the no sex thing. By the time I was 8 months along, it was too uncomfortable/painful to have sex, so I told my husband I was giving it up for the last month, and we waited until my first after baby doc appointment (like the doc said) to have sex again.