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Paleo Diet and Pregnancy
An_252249 posted:

I'm pregnant with my first child (Due Feb 2014) and I was wondering if doing the Paleo diet was safe during pregnancy?

I suffer from Hashimoto's thyroiditis (Dr won't prescribe synthroid yet) and have gained 20lbs this year alone despite exercise and dieting. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm afraid that anymore unneccesary weight gain can put my baby and I in danger.

I did the Paleo diet for 2 years and was very please with the results (70lbs) and am upset with myself for going off of it. I felt the best I ever have in my entire life while I was on that diet.

I wouldn't be "restricting carbs" but, just eating the right ones such as fruits, nuts, etc.

Is there anyone out there (hopefully a Doctor) that could shed some light on this subject for me. My next OBGYN appt is in July.

mrsmarkle responded:
I'm not a doctor, but I'm fairly familiar with the paleo diet. I can't see why it would harm you or your baby as long as you are getting enough calories, vitamins and nutrients. The paleo diet is full of healthy foods and I can't see any doctor not supporting you in that as long as its done properly.

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