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Bleeding in early pregnancy
Mrsdeez07 posted:
Imcurrently 6 weeks pregnant I took 4 tests over a 3 day period a week ago and all were positive. Last night I started to have brownish red discharge and today am passing clots not big ones by any means, but this is acting like a very low flow period like. I have notified my dr and he had me go get a hcg test today and I have another one Monday. I don't have any cramps just extremely fatigued. I'm really confused because I didn't have any symptoms with my first pregnancy. Is this normal? Or should I be more concerned if it was heavier with cramps?
Sarah McMoyler, RN responded:
This is one of the baffling and disconcerting moments that accompany early pregnancy- it could be absolutely normal as the embryo embeds into the lining of the uterus, and it could possibly be the early stages of a miscarriage.

If this is going to proceed towards a miscarriage, the bleeding will become bright red and heavy; if this is simply early pregnancy, the red discharge should dissipate.

I suggest staying in touch with your OB/Gyn - for reassurance and guidance.

Wishing you all the best,

Sarah RN
Mrsdeez07 replied to Sarah McMoyler, RN's response:
Well both my hcg tests were very low and the dr said I was having a chemical miscarrage...kinda disappointed but relieved that I know we are able to get pregnant finally. Now I'm overly frustrated because that bleeding was the last time I bleed it lasted 6/13-6/18 here it is 7/18 and no period and numerous neg pt. should it take this long to go back to a normal period let a lone figure out my ovulating time . How long should I wait to call the dr if I haven't had my period and still having neg test

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