pregnancy and RAGE
Dana911 posted:
I my self am finding that I rage constantly! Anyone else have this problem with any of their pregnancies? My husband and stepchildren have moved out because if anyone other then my 3 y/o son are around, I tent to rage over stupid things. My mother doesn't know what I should do so she called her mother, my Grandmother who is a nurse, though she has done mostly geriatric, she told me something is very wrong. The baby seems fine, I am at 17 weeks and the little one has a very strong heartbeat; moves a lot, which I am already feeling; and 6 weeks ago was very healthy on my 1st ultrasound. I am going to an mfm or Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist in 2 weeks but need to know more before then. I can NOT be raging like this, any clues?
Dana911 responded:
oh and I had a freak accident that caused my son to be born 5.5 weeks early, as his father pulled me off the floor by my arms, which ripped my placenta off the uterine wall. so technically he wasn't preterm labor just preterm birth due to the placenta no longer fully receiving blood and o2 from me.They are almost pushing progesterone injections with out even sending me for blood work. kind of confused and a little pissed because I feel like I am being treated like a condition not a mother.