Early Pregancy bleeding with rising hcg
An_252338 posted:
I took pregnancy test and it was positive. Couple days later, Im bleeding(period like bleeding) so I was informed to go to ER. They did tests including ultrasound, transvaginal, and hcg. They didnt see any sac in ultrasound. So ER doctor though miscarriage or very early pregnancy(like first week). The results to hcg were 63. Two days later they repeat the hcg test and it was 64. My doctor informs me that its not doubling like it should and I am probably miscarrying. That the number will be going down. The bleeding stopped and so we do another hcg test a week later. This time its a 166. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Am I still miscarrying or am I pregnanct? Please help. Thanks.
EarthSong responded:
If your levels are now rising then you are still pregnant, no worries. My daughter is 7 wks and bled for 2 1/2 wks., she is still pregnant and ultrasound shows baby is doing fine.
erinhunter32 replied to EarthSong's response:
Thank you for the reply....I go back to the doctor this Wednesday to check the levels again. Hope they go up!