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Factor V Leiden
rumadutt posted:
I am of Indian origin with Factor V leiden Mutation heterozygous positive female. I was seriously sick with acute DVT (from calf to thigh) and Pulmonary Emboli in 2006-2007 after taking just one tablet of estrogen supplement. recently,, I was taking Vitamin D3 1000 I.U ( because i am very deficient and also very low calcium) and it was prescribed by a doctor . But after taking few days, I am feeling again pain in my right calf area, toe, ankle, many areas in hand and severe headache. Can any doctor please suggest food plan for people like us? I was eating little kale salad( I know vitamin K in kale will give me clot) but we need vitamin K for bone growth. I am very low in calcium. I exercise a lot. I guess Vitamin D3 is giving me blood clot. But I need Vitamin D3. I read from Linus Pauling site they claim Vit C/Vit E together can work as coumadin. any doctor , please suggest.
it is very hard to keep my blood flowing. I try to be wel hydrated, but it is not possible all the time in work to maintain that.
I started taking Vit B12/B6/Folic Acid because it would give my RBC count in better place than platlets.

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