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TiffanyH91 posted:
I found out i was pregnant on the 8th and then the 14th i had red spotting, my doctor isnt being very informative with me and is already talking about what to do with "it"
Are they trying to say i miscarried? the ultrasound showed what might be a sack forming but im only 4weeks, and it doesnt look "normal" and was told its too early to tell anything!
Please someone help!!
Sarah McMoyler, RN responded:
This is one of the tough parts in early pregnancy- when your OB is not actually able to make a firm determination about the viability (whether the pregnancy is going to proceed.) I do not think that they do not intend to be disinterested, my experience is that they feel awkward and do not know what to say to be reassuring.

If this is a miscarriage, the spotting will turn to heavier bleeding with cramping.

I encourage you to stay int ouch with your OB's office; ask if their is an advice nurse to be in contact with.

Wishing you all the best,
Sarah RN