Prescriptions and pre-pregnancy
An_252361 posted:
Hello! I have a question about prescription medication and getting pregnant and whether they are safe. My ObGYN says to change prior to getting pregnant but my regular family physicians says it is okay to wait until after you are pregnant. I take Lisinopril 10mg and also Provastatin 20mg (not sure if I spelled those correctly). Should I change prior to getting pregnant or is it safe to wait? Thanks!
sylasmommy0406 responded:
yes i have aquestion, i have severe morning sickness and my doctor has prescribed a generic " zofran" I am also only 6 this safe for the baby? Should i ask him a more natural remedy?
ddarnell replied to sylasmommy0406's response:
Zofran is perfectly safe as long as theres no allergy, im on my second pregnancy and with both ive taken Zofran infact I was prescribed it by my ob. so don't worry its safe.