9weeks no heartbeat_doctor suggest for aborting
Frankezia posted:
Dear friends, I hope I can find some solution here. My wife is pregnant and this is her 9th week. She took up the first scan couple of weeks back and the baby's "yolksac" was confirmed and the growth was 15.9mm. For the past 3 days she was getting spotting (brown & red not clear). So I was afraid and took her to a doc. The doc said that she can say anything only by viewing a scan. Today the doc did a scan (not inter vaginal) but a scan from abdomen and said that the baby's heart beat is not heard so we need to abort. But my wife did not believe the doc and had requested the doc to wait for 2 weeks and then we can pursue the aborting process. Is this really a miscarriage? This is our first baby, am 30 yr old and my wife is 26 after 10 months of marriage she got pregnant.

I would appreciate your prayers and solutions..
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It could be a miscarriage or not. It's good to wait a few weeks and get another ultrasound or possibly a second opinion.