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Pregnant with Mirena IUD
Colaz posted:
Trying to keep this short (erased the novel I wrote before). I had a Mirena inserted August 2012. I stopped having periods this past March and didn't think much of it (because they were random before that, thought the Mirena was just finally working) until I started having some of the same cravings I had in my first pregnancy and inability to lose weight. I really didn't think I was, but just to make sure this last weekend I took two pregnancy tests, one late Friday night (postive) and one early Saturday morning (postive again). Well, crap...mix of excitement and nerves, especially reading up on IUD pregnancies. Late this afternoon I went in for a pregnancy test at my doctor and this one came back NEGATIVE. I felt some relief, which I feel kind of ashamed of....I actually had one of the home tests with me (from the first Friday night...don't ask why I threw it in my purse, I don't know) and the nurse looked at it and said I had read it right. I kind of wanted to leave it there and maybe try my own pregnancy tests in a week or so, but the nurse and my doctor (who I have been on the phone with all day and knows me well) believes that I might be pregnant but just too early for their tests to catch it and my home tests did and also my urine sample was pretty diluted from being hydrated (yeah me...) So they had me do some blood work and I should know tomorrow what that says. By the way I still feel my IUD strings, so it is still there. My doctor told me basically to be ready to make some decisions if the blood work comes back positive, which she thinks it will. I am not sure what I hope right now.

Options...I know first option is to leave the Mirena IUD in place because removing it has a 50% chance of having a miscarriage at the removal or shortly after Leaving it in ups my chance to miscarry later in the pregnancy to like 30% and even more of a chance for early labor! I really don't want to make any of those decisions! I felt relief when my nurse said the test was negative because I thought God had taken that decision away from me. Is that terrible? If there is a baby still I want that baby and I want to make the best decisions. Maybe tonight the Mirena will safely become dislodged and I will just pee it out...fat chance of that. Ug...anyone having a IUD baby or had? Any advice or additional information? I know if this blood work comes back negative I won't even have to worry about it, but want to start researching this now so I feel prepared when I talk to my doctor if I do have a Mirena baby. +

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