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am i pregnant?
An_252665 posted:
I downloaded a period tracker on my cell phone a couple months ago and I put down my last period I had. It says I'm 47 days late. When should I take a test?
Sarah McMoyler, RN responded:
NOW! The early pregnancy tests (EPT) are quite accurate.


Sarah McMoyler RN, BSN
pinkpanda89 replied to Sarah McMoyler, RN's response:
What if it says its neg?
tlkittycat1968 replied to pinkpanda89's response:
Then you can wait and see if your next period comes. If it doesn't and you're still getting negative test results, see your doctor.
maryl36 replied to Sarah McMoyler, RN's response:
I don't have a reply, I have a question. 4yrs ago I had my youngest child and she'll 5 yrs old in march this coming year. I always had my periods on time and then after I had her I got fixed. but now im a week late. could I be pregnant or what could be going on.. the dr clamp my tubes. could they of came on done. im scared to death. I had a tubal pregnanice in 1998.
tlkittycat1968 replied to maryl36's response:
Yes, you could be pregnant. Take a test.