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Abnormal Bleeding
An_252679 posted:
My period came 5 days early (Sunday). This morning I woke up to find no bleeding. My period is suppose to come tomorrow (Thursday).
In addition, I have noticed that blood only came out when I pee-ed. Only yesterday I had some blood flow between urination. The colour was red like normal period, but the flow was lighter.
On Monday I had a few abdominal pains too.

In addition, I currently lost 2 kilograms (becoming 48kg).
I have no other pregnancy symptoms so far, and my breasts didn't hurt like usual when I'm on my period.

On the 10th June, my bf and I messed around, however he did not ejaculate and neither penetrate me - however he fingered me, and I'm scared he might have had some pre-cum on his finger - just a little.

My period cycle is irregular. My last period was on 14th June 2013.

Could I be pregnant? When should I take a pregnancy test?
+ I read that it might be a health problem, what do you think?
Sarah McMoyler, RN responded:
There are too many variables to really pinpoint what is happening here. Your age, menstrual history, pregnancy history etc. all need to be factored in. An early pregnancy test (EPT) will likely answer you question and/or a visit to your MD to see if there are any other medical situations involved.


Sarah McMoyler RN, BSN

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