My Nightie or Hospital Gown?
Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
The answer is yes, although I would recommend against wearing it in labor and delivery! What you don't yet understand is that this is going to be a messy affair!

During labor, I strongly recommend that you where the hospital gown, while not a fashion statement, it is very functional. You van have a clean (warm!) gown as often as you need one. You need to think of bodily fluids flowing from places you didn't know they could come!

You are going to go through more than a few gowns, plus, you don't want to be thinking about the mess occurring on your own nightie. The time to consider wearing your own gown is in postpartum, and even then, it needs to be a shortie, opens in the front for easy breastfeeding access and you are still going to want to hike it up before settling back in bed, as initially there is a heavy flow of lochia, the postpartum period that lasts 4-6 weeks.

The piece of labor and delivery garb that you will want to bring is one to two pair of thick athletic socks (instead of new pristine slippers.) This will allow you to be up and out of the bed and keep your feet warm.

Sarah McMoyler RN