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The Princess Treatment
Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:
Thank you Princess Kate for letting the world see your "mummy tummy!"

How empowering and inspiring for the pregnant women of the world to see 'royalty' showing it like it is. Too often the view we see in People magazine is of celeb's holding newborns while wearing their skinny jeans; only way that's happening is airbrushing or postpartum Spanx!

And it only got better as William (the future King) not only held his son on the way to the car- he seat buckled the baby Prince into his car seat and drove his new family to his in-laws house. 'Real people' doing what real parents do.

As glitzy and glamorous as the movie stars make it look, the truth is that when you exit the hospital, you will look seven months pregnant! What we did not get a good look at were Princess Kate's feet; "cankles" are another common accompaniment to the early days. This is caused by fluid pooling in your ankles, the result is that there is no difference between your ankles and calves. Hence the name "cankles."

Oh the joys of transitioning back to your old pant size. Give it a year!

Sarah McMoyler RN, BSN

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