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Postpartum Recovery Lesson on 4th of August, 2013
Clearchung posted:
For the fashion pregnancy mummy, Are you still out of shape after giving birth? Do you want to say goodbye to the bucket waist and stretch marks? Do you want to be a fashion mummy?
For the future daddy, do you want to be an enviable dads? if your wife is beautiful as usual, and you have a lovely baby around you, I am sure all of us will be jealous!
What are you waiting for? please do the registration of Postpartum Recovery Course quickly! The course will be on 4th of August,2013, which is given by Shenzhen HOME Women's and Children's Hospital! It is the first hospital which passed JCI accreditation in Shenzhen! Please join us and sign up quickly!
Activity type: Harvard Mummy Camp
Activity time:15:00 to 17:00PM Sunday , August 4th 2013
Location: The multi-function hall on the fourth floor of Shenzhen HOME Women's and Children's Hospital.
Activity Theme: Postpartum Recovery
Registration Tel: 0755-33919152/33391333
Health Consultation Mobile No.: 86-15989599677
Ps: You can have a "face to face"talk with our doctors, everyone will have a chance to get a special gift from HOME Hospital.
The highlights of this activity:
1. How to become a fashion mom after giving birth?
2. How to repair your stretch marks after giving birth?
3. The ways of losing weight after giving birth;
4. How to recuperate the skin after giving birth?
5. Free snacks and fruits will be provided.
Free Gift:
1. For the mummy who did the registration will get one gift from HOME hospital.
2. For the mummy who win the lucky draw will get one more gift!.
Clearchung responded:
Please join us and sign up quickly!

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