8 Week Ultrasound measuring 6 weeks
Meisha78 posted:
We recently had our 8 weeks (from last period) scan and the sonographer said I am only measuring 6 weeks. I made comment about the sac not looking empty (as we couldn't see anything very clearly) and she agreed but repeated again only measured 6 weeks.

Hubby and I went home and went through our dates and whilst it was 8 weeks since my last period, we did the unprotected deeds on the 30th June and 3rd July which would match the 6 week measurement and also my bloods that were taken on the 31st July showed levels of 3 - 4 weeks. We don't feel there is any need to worry given bloods, scan and rough conception all match up and we figure nothing can grow until conceived! ha ha

But wanted to get some feedback to see what others thought??

Thanks all!!!