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Lack of period and Provera
Mrsdeez07 posted:
Ok so I had a chemical pregnancy back in June and got my last period 6/13 it lasted a good 5 days..this past Monday (9weeks after) I finally contacted my ob and told her I still hadn't had my period. She sent me for a hcg test and It came back negative so she had me start a 10 day regimen of provera 10mg. Here it is 4days into the regimen and no period??? How long does it take for this stuff to start. My dr told me that after I had finished the pills to give it another 10 days and if nothing still to call her back. My husband and I really want to get pregnant and this is starting to look like its gonna take just as long as it did the first time (almost 16mths after stopping bc). I stopped bc back in December and was told it could take at least 6 mths to get pregnant..well it happened and then pouf it's gone. And now I'm going thru this...I know u have to ovulate to get your period so is the provera pushing ovulation for me to get my period?? If so how would I know ovulation days??? Can u get pregnant while on provera?? Any help at this point would be great!!!!!

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