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Help please 6 weeks pregnant need some answer regarding my therapy
Melitaa posted:
Dear all,

Im 34 and am 6 weeks pregnant i was lucky to have natural pregnancy upon my first visit my doctor prescribed this therapy

Pregnyl 1x3 5000 amp
Estrofem 2x1 2mg
Utrogestan 200mg 3x1 vag
Folic 5mg 1x1

I read about Pregnyl and Estrofem and non of these two should be taken if pregnant, and unlucky for me i took 3 dosage of pregnyl and 7 days of estrofem and after knowing their effects i stopped using them.
Now im only taking Utrogestan 200mg 2x1 and folic 1x1.

Im concern now;

I didnt tell my doctor that I stopped taking pregnyl and estrofem but at the same time I dont know if I really should have stopped taking them.

So please tell me; am i wrong for not taking or is my doc for prescribing ???

Thank you all

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