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Mirena removed and wondering about when to TTC
ddunlavy posted:
I had my Mirena for almost 4 yrs and had a normal period the whole time. I had it removed 5 days ago and I am worried about TTC. I know they say the Mirena thins your walls but with having a normal period, I am wondering if I will have the problems with MC like other women because I had a normal period the whole time. I was told to wait 2-3 cycles before TTC, but I am nervous of the out come with the stories I have read. I have not been able to find any stories of women with a normal cycle while on the Mirena and then getting pregnant right after removal. Everything I have found has been of them not having normal cycles while the Mirena was in and then getting pregnant right after removal. I just don't want to risk a MC if we TTC to soon. Please any advice would be helpful!!!!
Prettynaena responded:
had my mirena put in on May 26th 2011 and had it removed July 19th 2013. i started ttc right after removal .and first period stop. I had my first period July 20th and it lasted about five days. i had my second period August 20th and it too lasted five days. start to ttc and Wensday sept. 18 i found out im pregnant. so there right to wait a least til yuor second period just to let your cervix thicking up

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