Baby Blues versus Postpartum Depression
Sarah McMoyler, RN posted:

Baby Blues can happen within hours, days or weeks of the baby being born.Here are the primary symptoms:
-Mood Swings
-Decreased Concentration
-Trouble Sleeping
-Difficulty bonding with the baby

Postpartum Depression is not as common as Baby Blues, although the numbers are on the rise.
Symptoms may include:
-Loss of appetite
-Intense irritability and anger
-Overwhelming fatigue
-Loss of interest in sex
-Lack of interest in life
-Feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy
-Severe mood swings
-Withdrawal from family and friends
-Thoughts of harming herself or the baby

Relatives and/or close friends should not be shy about contacting her OB/Midwife for assistance. The good news is that help is available to support the new mom through this unique life transition.