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Birth Control-- possibly failed??
An_253740 posted:
To start off with, I recognize that my question might seem stupid but I'm looking for someone to just reassure me and tell me their honest opinion…

Last month I decided I was going to try and "skip" my period using my birth control (Junel Fe) and immediately start the next pack of pills instead of taking the weeks worth of sugar pills. So my pack ended on Tuesday, September 17th. I didn't decide to try and skip until the next day but forgot to take the pill so I took an active pill the morning of Thursday Sept 19th, (typically I take them at night and would have taken it the night of Wednesday the 18th). I then took the second pill Thursday night the 19th, and have subsequently taken the pill every night within about 12 hours of the time I normally take the pill… I know you're supposed to take it at the same time each night, but this has been a RIDICULOUS week which leads to my panic.

I did have a very small amount of breakthrough bleeding (along with mild cramping) on Saturday the 21st, and the cramping continued for about three days. I have since not had any cramping and my period (as I wanted it to) didn't come.

My question is, how likely is this to fail considering I did try to skip the period and the time I was taking the pill was inconsistent? I know that this next part will make it sound Iike I'm uneducated and 13, but I'm freaking out because my husband and I have engaged in sexual activity (no intercourse, though- different, unrelated story) several times since Monday and I'm just nervous about an accidental pregnancy. I know it's a long shot considering I'm still on the pill and he didn't ejaculate inside me or near my vagina, but I had this dream last night that I went to the doctor and was told that he must have had sperm on his fingers which led to my pregnancy. I know, a freaking dream has me all upset this morning.

I called my doctor who is sometimes open on Saturday to try and get a prescription for Ella, but they are only seeing emergency sick cases this morning. I'm going to go and get Plan B which is effective for about 72 hours, which wold cover me from Wednesday morning - now, but I'm more worried about our activity on Tuesday night…


I appreciate your reading this and apologize if it seems "dumb," but my husband has dismissed my concerns and I'd just feel much better if someone could tell me their opinion on how effective the BC in my system is...
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You're fine. No need for plan B. You only missed one pill and as long as you haven't missed any other pills since then, even if you did take the a bit late, you should be fine.

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