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Swelling Concerns
smidget0192 posted:
I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and yesterday morning my face had swollen up quite a bit, as well as my feet. In fact, it was uncomfortable to walk around for five minutes on my feet. I had taken my blood pressure in the morning and it was 147/96. When I would press down on my feet, it would take a while for the skin to get back to normal. Kind of like dimples. So I called my doctor and went in during the afternoon. When they took my blood pressure over there, it was normal. They didn't mention anything else about the swelling, but sent me to take my glucose test and to get the Rhogam shot.
Should I still be concerned about the swelling? Especially since my blood pressure was high in the morning and normal in the afternoon?
My face and feet are swollen again today. My feet were hurting again the moment I woke up.
Sarah McMoyler, RN responded:
You are correct to be aware of swelling- particularly when there is sudden swelling in the face, sometimes referred to as "moonface." On the other hand, swelling in the feet is common. The one test you have not mentioned is a urine test to determine if you are spilling protein in your urine- this is something that your MD will want to check on. The other symptom for you to be aware of at home is headache - a sign that your blood pressure could be rising.

Pay attention to your body and stay in touch with your MD,as Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) can have sudden onset and serious results if not monitored.

Sarah McMoyler RN, BSN