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Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) Question...
AP2008 posted:
I'm hoping someone on here has some information/experience with HSG tests...

I currently have 2 children and we're thinking about having another. After my first child, I wasn't getting pregnant (& I was temping, charting, OPK test, etc, etc) so I went to my doctor -- she started a workup and when we got to the HSG test, she told me that a lot of her patients get pregnant right after the test because as much as the dye is 'checking' out your tubes it almost also acts as a sort-of 'cleaner' to any debris/funk that may be in your tubes. Sure enough, within a couple of days after my HSG test, I ovulated and got pregnant!

Here's my question -- if it seems that my tubes were a little 'dirty' and the dye 'cleaned' them out -- is it likely that my tubes would be 'dirty' again after my 2nd pregnancy?

We haven't been 'preventing' a pregnancy for quite a few months now and I'm pretty aware of my cycle -- so, there's a part of me that wonders if I wouldn't be able to get pregnant again unless I go back and have the HSG test again....

Can anyone share their thoughts or experience on this topic??

AP2008 responded:
sorry -- I know I posted this on the wrong board -- but, it's not the normal TTC question and I was hoping someone on here or the Expert might have had some experience in this area...

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