Early pregnancy and bleeding
nyagokoth posted:
After 6 years of TTC with lots of dissapointments, my husband and I found that we are expecting our first child (now 7 weeks). I've been having light bloody steaks of blood especialy when I wipe after peeing. Yesterday, I strained too much while having a bowel movement (lol) even though I've been drinking lots of water. Tonight after peeing, I noticed a little bright red bloody discharge when wiping and no cramping. it was not much but it deffinately had a change in color from the ones I've been noticing. I'm so worked up thinking about it and I get so worried. Is it something of a concern that I need to see my doctor for or what what should I do???????? Help.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
Spotting or light bleeding is common in early pregnancy and is usually not a cause for concern. If the bleeding becomes heavy or is accompanied by severe cramping, contact your doctor.