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Mucus Plug or Normal Discharge?
smidget0192 posted:
I'm 29 weeks and 1 day, and I just noticed when I went to the bathroom that my discharge was yellow in color and like a giant glob of mucus. I was able to wipe it all out of my underwear without it sticking to the panty liner. (sorry for the tmi). I'm also a little nauseous and feeling baby kick really low down there (she is usually higher up). I just want to make sure that everything is normal and that I'm not being paranoid!
stacyaileen responded:
Hello. I have had some of that discharge as well. I talked to my doc and he said that if it's white/yellowish then it should be okay. I told him I had some mucus looking stuff come out that was a white/yellowish in color. He said to pay attention to the smell and that it shouldn't been that bad.
hgreenwood7058 responded:
thats pretty normal. I have had stuff like that most of this pregnancy and my pregnancy with my son. If you get pink streaks in it then it would be a little more concerning or if there is a weird smell (then you could be getting a bacterial infection or yeast infection). But alas being extra gooey comes with the territory. It slows down a bit at times and then you get more as you go along. If you being cramping a bunch or contracting regularly that is when you would want to get checked out.

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