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Relevant Posts: Whooping Cough Vaccine in Pregnancy

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Mommy_Wood posted:
My last period was 8/3/2013......So that will make me 12wks and 2days pregnant today 10/28/2013. They said my due date is pushed to may 3rd 2014 because the baby is long, is that possible cuz my original edd was may 10th ? So instead of 12 wks 2 days....they said I'm 13 wks 2 days. How is that possible when I didn't get a pd in July and my last pd was 8/3...especially sense my ultrasound said I'm 12wks.....I couldn't have conceived in July.

Appreciate the advice xoxoxo
tlkittycat1968 responded:
It's only a week difference. You may have ovulated a bit earlier than usual and that would make your timing off.
Mommy_Wood replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
Thank u,

But I hardly doubt it...because my last period was August 3rd. I record all of my periods each month. The ultrasound matches my dates, but the doc said since the baby is long, the pushed it a week ago. Just was confused onto can docs push it my edd due to the length of the baby.

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