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Uterus torn at the fundus... During csection....???
beebaa21 posted:
Hi All,

just gave birth to my second son two weeks ago, via a second csection. I was scheduled for it on Oct 28th but my water broke on the 18th. I had an appt with my high risk dr that afternoon- this was my second IVF pregnancy, and everything checked out good! However, my OB told me that during the csection, (after baby was delivered), upon HER DELIVERING the placenta it seems as though the placenta tore muscle from my uterus at the top part, the fundus, which is the strongest part of the uterus- and this caused a hematoma to form. She did not open the hematoma fore it would've caused much much bleeding. She was able to stitch it & I was fine. No blood transfusion needed. I had no symptoms or pain and everything went fine. My OB has though advised against any future pregnancies. This is heartbreaking to me!! She said if I did become pregnant again I'd have to deliver at 36 weeks and bc any contractions, real contractions not Braxton hicks, can cause it to tear again and it be a dangerous situation. My OB has NOT called this incident "a uterine rupture" nor has she called it "placenta privia or abruption". When ever I try to google what happened to me all these names come up yet my dr has not said that is what happened. I feel confused and am making an appt with my high risk dr to seek out more answers. I feel very very confused and heartbroken if we cannot have any more children. We would've liked to try again, this time for a girl. I am BEYOND great full for having two healthly beautiful boys- YET I'd never thought I would never have a girl. It's one thing if my husband and I decide not to have anymore children. It's a TOTALLY DIFFERENT situation when you're told you cannot have anymore. I was wondering if anyone can help shed some light on my situation AND IF MAYBE someone has had another pregnancy after a situation like this happening.........didn't all work out okay??? ALSO, if everything was fine up to the delivery of the placenta, which during a csection the dr delivers the placenta (nit like natural child birth where the woman delivers it), could it sound like the dr made this error??? I really don't think she did but trying to wrap my head around what happened & it's just not making sense to me especially since the baby was already out & everything was moving along just fine as any regular csection does.....

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