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Viable or Not possible?
mommalab posted:
I had a tubal and ablation about 5 years ago and to my surprise found out last week that I am pregnant. Is it even possible to have a viable pregnancy? I have had three Ultrasounds and they are just keep saying that it is too early to see anything. My hcg went from 510 (thursday) to 872 (saturday) to 1286 (friday) it is not rising like it should (or like I have read that it should) but it is still going up. I am spotting (not active bleeding) just when I go pee, most of the time it is extremely light except first thing in the mornings(then it is red). Doctors are not saying much except we have to wait... Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Just wanting to know what to expect, or kind of expect? I was also told that the spotting could be from a uti and kidney infection that I have but I am almost done with antibiotics and it is still happening...this has been an overload for sure with not a lot of information or answers being given. We do not even know how to feel right now besides anxious and nervous. anyone with any knowledge of this or information about something like this happening before would be greatly appreciated!
hgreenwood7058 responded:
Have they seen a gestational sac yet. The 510 and 872 are def to early to see anything. The1286 is questionable. The er dr told us that you need to be at least 1200 before they even do a u/s because its too early and even then you won't see much. You are in a grey zone. Where it could go either way. The only reason I ask about the sac is because if it continues to rise and you don't see the sac I would be concerned about a potential ectopic pregnancy especially given that your tubes are tied. When do you have your follow up? Hopefully its just to early to tell. The spotting could be normal. Best wishes.
mommalab replied to hgreenwood7058's response:
they did finally see the sac and it is in my uterus, so now we are just waiting to see what happens. I have more tests in the next few days. I know the Good Lord has a reason for all this, so we are just going to wait and see what happens.

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