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what should i do
GwenWarner posted:
I am lost. i should have came on my period today. but for the last 3 weeks i have been feeling sick, i have been sleeping like crazy. my boobs hurt. this has happen the whole time. i am moody with my boyfriend. and i took a test like 3 weeks ago and it was Neg. but my last period wasn't like my normal one. i am not stressed out or nothing. could i be pregnant? i have doctors apt next week to take pee test. my whole thing is would i already have been pregnant from Jan because my last period was late and it wasn't like a reg one. can someone please help me out on if they have experienced any of this during first month. i have been having cramps like i was on my period but there is no Bleeding not a spot! i feel like i was coming on but i haven't yet today is the day.

thanks GW
Kaylam85 responded:
I think the best thing you can do is go to the doctor which it sounds like you are already planning to do. I do recall having cramps thinking I was going to start my period only to find out I was pregnant. With all the changes our body goes thru and the fact that your hormones are never truly the same it wouldn't suprise me if you were pregnant. Good luck at your appt and hope it goes the way you hope!
gbakrimi replied to Kaylam85's response:
Thanks. i took 2 HPT and i am Pregnant. but i will still be going to the doctors next week!
Kaylam85 replied to gbakrimi's response:
Congratulations! Yea I took two HPT and still went to the doctors to get that complete confirmation. Good luck hope all goes well!
Pamela11703 responded:
Hi! Congratulations... Your last period which you described sounds like possible implantation bleeding.. if it wasnt as much or as long as your regular period.. i think it sometimes occurs around the same time your period is due.. so that why a lot of women dont realize they are pregnant right away... because they think they got their AF.. Anyways good luck at the doctors!!
Never_Gonna_Give_Up replied to Pamela11703's response:
can u have implantation without any spotting?
JessG711 replied to Never_Gonna_Give_Up's response:
Yes you can implantion occurs when the egg implants itself in the wall of the uterus some women have light spotting and others see nothing at all. It is also normal to feel crampy during this time

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